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states that the country up to the rive-Gaudas became, as it were*
a uiaidan. where lie would go for taking exercise in fencing.*

The second verse refers to his capture of all the cities
belonging to the Gajapati in the country between the rivers
Kr:na and GodavarL The third mentions the capture of
Kalubari^a : the fourth addresses Kmiaraya as the bearer of
the fbrniiie I'Laksmi) of the Hindu kingdom, the establisher
of the Uus salman king ?t and the captor of the women of Kalinga;
and the tilth describes the conquest of the districts of Kondavidu
and Kondapalli,

AUaswxi Peddun* : Mawwaritra> 1 : 11 ; 2 : 79, 81 ; 3 : 142, 144.

A single verse from the pen of an anonymous contem-
porary writer enumerates briefly the events connected with the
Kalinga r» ar.

When Krsnaraya, who was renowned for his skill in war,
started on an uninterrupted expedition, Udayagiri lost its great-
ness by tlie rising sun of his valour, Vinukonda fell to pieces by
the terrific noise of his war drums ; Bellamkonda (the jaggery
hill) melted like lac by the fire of his army ; Kondavidu (the
abode of hills) was deprived of its wings by the lightning-strokes
of the swords of his troopers ; Bezwada collapsed \ Kondapalle
shook ; Katakam broke down ; and Delhi fell into confusion.

This verse  which is attributed to Nandi Timmana, the
author of  the  Pftrij5t&paJiaranam,   describes the  manner in
* The chief of NSTaiJa remains still unidentified. £akandhara has been identified by
lh* late Mr. K. V. Lakshaaaaa Rao (LakstnanarSya VyZ&vaU, pp. 46-7) with. Sikandar
h, who sat for a few months in A^D. 1525 on the throne of Gujerat.
t This r,tfctement of Peddana i-; al=o supported by the inscriptions. It is generally
iwd tha.t K^na^tya assumed this title when he attempted to restore the defunct
aiiy dynasty at fee end of hi-? Raidlr campaign in A. D. 1521. This view is unten-
-ibl* . i :ie title appears i^ sense of hi? early Inscriptions. In an inscription dated
A, r». 151+ ^(,V, 2>. I. A'r. 27) Kn^^Sya is styled Yox&nw^fya samsthapaMa&rfa.
Tiw^-rc, this Sitle whi:h is peculiar to him mu«t have been assumed by him for Betting
»? soffit Maii.Maaaias prla:e up&u ai-: thrcae prior to A. D. 1514.